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For many years now this company has invested in development that is guided by organic rhythms and healthier cultural traditions that have defined the territory and our farm in particular.
We have completed projects, such as the construction of a 20k/watt solar panelled roof, a mill that is capable of synthesising the natural processes that take place within oils, in order to produce a complete oil that is full of properties that would otherwise be lost. Over the years we have maintained the wind pump that, even today, still provides us with a continuous flow of water, which is essential, but also zero impact. We restored the dry stonewalls and equipped the company with a purification system so that we can re-use waste water.

In our restaurant we cook with the produce that is the result of our intense work in the countryside, so that people who eat at our table have the privilege of trying authentic, ancient flavours from the Tuscan Coast.
We have left behind the old plant “treatment” processes that are based around all kinds of chemicals and we have changed direction, favouring treatments that encourage comprehensive and sustainable development.
Our goal has been largely recognised and appreciated by certifying bodies but it is the smile that appears on people’s faces after they have seen what and – especially – how we work here that gives us strength.


Nature and not man dictate the choices that we make on our estate. Our intention is to work with natural development and not to go against it just to achieve a higher profit margin.
These are our ethics, our sustainability.

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