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From the countryside to your doorstep

Organic vintage sparkling wine
This sparkling wine carries the name of the lucky star from the Capricorn constellation and is the result of the collaboration between our company and the Bulichella estate in Suvereto, which was able to guide us in carrying out this ambitious project.

Liqueur made from olive leaves and lemon
Strictly organic and featuring a very special flavour: the d’O liqueur is our restaurant’s gran final and one of the most popular souvenirs in our shop.

olive oil soap
This is now a cult product within the Santissima Annunziata product range.
This soap, which is exclusively produced by us, is an art more than anything else, which has been preserved by the women of my family, starting with my grandmother, and now it has been given free reign, thanks to our company’s closed supply chain, made up of the mill and laboratory.
It possesses properties that can only be fully appreciated by trying it and, unlike many other olive oil soaps on the market, this is obtained only and exclusively with olive oil.

Alberto is the name of one of my sons. I decided to call one of the shop’s products after him, the one that most reflects the traditions of this stretch of land that clings to the Livorno Maremma. This red wine is obtained from organic grapes and is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. When you eat meat at Santissima Annunziata, Alberto is the right pairing

I also chose the name of one of my sons for this product and I, in doing so, created a wine that is excellent in terms of quality, as well as being organically produced.
Amedeo is a Vermentino wine obtained from organic grapes, which displays refreshing Mediterranean notes on the palate, making it pleasant and direct.
In our restaurant it is often paired with fish dishes.

Here at our company we have always admired the legendary work done by bees and, as we had enough space to place hives, we tried to integrate these fantastic creatures into our production project almost immediately.
The success of this undertaking has been possible thanks to our collaboration with Mantovani, a beekeeper with great patrimony at his shoulders and whom, due to many years of experience, was able to put this fantastic effort in place.

Our company’s jams are not easy to classify as they are subject to the evolution of our orchard. Therefore every time that our trees bestow us with something good, we are quick to make our jams.
Usually we make the flavours unique by pairing the fruit with lavender flowers, spices, chocolate and other natural elements that whet the appetite and indulge everyone’s sweet tooth.

Olea Europea
This herbal tea is made by simply drying organic olive leaves, which are gathered on the estate.
The infusion has beneficial and bio regulating properties and is used by many of our guests as a relaxing drink before going to sleep.

Nina Perfume
We let our blossoms dissolve in light alcohol so as to share the nostalgia of our countryside with you, when you are not here with us. And so, Nina was born.


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