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The Santissima Annunziata II Mill was built in the 1960s on the San Vincenzo hills, when my father decided to create a mill within the company for his olives, and the olives of the whole town.
In 1977, because of his age, he decided to cease this activity. I was ten years old but I promised myself that as soon as I could, I would begin that beautiful alchemy once again, transforming such a small fruit into such a rich product.

In 2007, I began to renovate the old building made of sheet metal. In its place I created a modern complex with air conditioning, stone flooring, white walls that were glazed for laboratory use and a roof equipped with wonderful solar panels in order to respect mother nature, who had already given me so much.
Inside 5 quintal/hour “Alfa Laval’ pressing machines can be found that work with controlled temperature at a maximum of 27 degrees so that we obtain an excellent product. It is all organic, IGP and Agriqualita certified.
The mill is organic and traditional and also works on the behalf of other companies.


  • week of the heart

    You’re fine and make you feel good. For years we have been moving towards the social, now we would like to involve you too! Under this motto we of the Santissima Announced we have decided to launch THE HOLIDAY OF THE HEART. Come on holiday here. Until 25.05 5% of your stay will be donated […]