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Ancient fruit trees are scattered over our estate, such as bitter oranges, apricots, cherries, pears, blackberries, peaches, strawberries and apples, which are deeply significant to us. We try to protect the memory of their flavour. There are people who call them forgotten fruits, yet we like to call them fruits that stimulate sensory curiosity, that have a cultural and symbolic value and bear witness to the importance of biodiversity within the species.

We are on a journey to retrieve the memory and traditions and we are attempting to multiply them in order to also ensure that our bees have a good harvest.
They are an invitation to re-educate our eyes and palates to complex flavours.
With these small treasures we produce our jams and preserves and we have fun adding flowers and flavours to give delicious emotions.


  • week of the heart

    You’re fine and make you feel good. For years we have been moving towards the social, now we would like to involve you too! Under this motto we of the Santissima Announced we have decided to launch THE HOLIDAY OF THE HEART. Come on holiday here. Until 25.05 5% of your stay will be donated […]