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A wonderful medieval town, dating back to before the year 1000, it is found on the slopes of the hills that overlook the Etruscan Coast. The valley where it is nestled is crossed by the Cornia river, which lends its name to the valley too. The historical and artistic wealth make it a true gem with its paved alleys, traditional stone houses, historic buildings and very old churches. The surrounding forests, made up of cork oaks and typical Mediterranean vegetation, means lovers of nature, vineyards and olive groves, which are also crossed by the Wine Road, will appreciate it. There are also many seasonal festivals and food fairs for trying the various products that this land generously offers.


  • week of the heart

    You’re fine and make you feel good. For years we have been moving towards the social, now we would like to involve you too! Under this motto we of the Santissima Announced we have decided to launch THE HOLIDAY OF THE HEART. Come on holiday here. Until 25.05 5% of your stay will be donated […]