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With the gulf that bears the same name and the “Buca delle Fate” (The Fairy Hole), a stunning cove that is surrounded by cliffs, Baratti is a favourite destination for beach lovers. Crystal clear water greets swimmers, giving them a view of the promontory above, where Populonia is found. The beaches feature fine sand and rocky inlets framed by lush, fragrant plant life, which are typical of Mediterranean vegetation. The pristine water and wealth of plants and wildlife mean that tourists can indulge in activities, such as diving, snorkelling and other seaside activities, like surfing and sailing. There is also a well-equipped harbour where you can rent boats, as well as for those tourists who want to stop over on the islands.



  • week of the heart

    You’re fine and make you feel good. For years we have been moving towards the social, now we would like to involve you too! Under this motto we of the Santissima Announced we have decided to launch THE HOLIDAY OF THE HEART. Come on holiday here. Until 25.05 5% of your stay will be donated […]