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BEES, HIVES AND HONEY Farm Holiday Tuscany

Our tree’s blooms were missing something…and so we thought about the bees, with which we have a true collaborative relationship. They help us to pollinate and give us honey that is different every time, as its flavour and consistency depends on weather conditions and which flowers predominate. Every time we harvest the honey, we experience new emotions and discover flavours and scents that never fail to move us.

The beekeeping craft consists in providing the bees with shelter and care and ensuring their development. In exchange the beekeeper collects a reasonable amount of what they have made, which consists of: honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and venom.

Every year we plant new melliferous perennials for them, we only cut weeds after flowering and we have found a precious ally for this adventure in beekeeper Marco Mantovani.



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