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Believe in…


May this ancient land be delivered to the improved future.
I believe in the shoots, in the fireflies in the wheat fields, in the laughter of the children and in the wrinkles of the old.
I believe in the magic of olives that become oil and oil that becomes soap.
I believe in the strong pains that give the opportunity to understand and love life.
I believe in the biological and the ethics beyond certification.
I believe in my photovoltaic roof that allows me to save the resources of the world.
I believe in my farm as an opportunity to meet the city and the countryside.
I believe in love as a universal lever.
I believe in the wind that moves my wind turbine and brings water from the well to the house.
I believe in my oil mill because I have an excellent oil.
I believe in dreams and that’s why I live here.
I believe that my mother, all my children and those who love me are proud of me as I am of them.
I believe in the municipality where I live, in the province, in my bank and in my collaborators, thanks to them I can grow up and work.
I believe in those who eat my oil, stay in my farm, wash with my soaps, taste my products: that’s how I get a profit from my passion.
I think it’s fair to share with those who can not have.
I believe that a wheat can be born from a grain of wheat with love and patience.


Nature and not man dictate the choices that we make on our estate. Our intention is to work with natural development and not to go against it just to achieve a higher profit margin.
These are our ethics, our sustainability.


Here accommodation can be found in various forms: suites, bungalows and houses.
They are furnished in traditional Tuscan style. Distinct architectural elements, such as exposed beams, brick vaults, wooden floors and fireplaces, feature in spacious rooms, which boast breath taking views over the Tuscan hills and seaside, making each type of accommodation unique.
The gardens, which have been designed keeping nature in mind, also provide fenced areas for your four-legged friends.

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