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Home Bougainvillea is a wide open space obtained from the old company’s space for cars (where there were the wagon).

You access this house across the courtyard and then entering the private garden of the apartment; just inside is the wide open space of the apartment divided by a curtain that separates the kitchen and the dining room (with satellite TV) from the bedroom and, going up the steps, we find ourselves in the hallway leading to the bathroom (with shower). It can host 3 persons (one big bed and a single bed).

This house is very bright, spacious and cool; Bougainvillea it is completely separate from other apartments and it doesn’t share any wall with the other houses.

The name of the house originate from the plant (that has the same name) that rises majestically above the roof with its beautiful colors that changing according to the seasons.

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Monolocale Superior 600/week 630/week 800/week 1050/week 1450/week 1000/week 650/week
Bouganvillea 110/day 100/day 130/day 150/day 100/day

Choose the best solution for you:bouganvillea

Villa Sole (4/8 pax)
Mimosa apartment (2/5 pax)
Basilico apartment (2/5 pax)
Fragola apartment (2/5 pax)
Edera apartment (2/4 pax)
Bouganvillea apartment (2/3 pax)
Suite Olivo (2/3 pax)
Suite Lavanda (2/3 pax)
Bungalow Arancio (2/3 pax)