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House Basilico is a former farmhouse in which you will find: a fabulous terrace which offers a view of the gardens of the Annunciation of the Tuscan archipelago, two large double bedrooms with sea view, a functional bathroom and a kitchen with satellite TV.

Basilico is bright and fresh, but what is amazing is the view from the two bedrooms. You can see the luxurious Tuscan hills that end up plunging into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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1130/week 690/week 810/week 1080/week 1540/week 1080/week 750/week
BASILICO 180/day 110/day 130/day 155/day 110/day


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Villa Sole (4/8 pax)
Mimosa apartment (2/5 pax)
Basilico apartment (2/5 pax)
Fragola apartment (2/5 pax)
Edera apartment (2/4 pax)
Bouganvillea apartment (2/3 pax)
Suite Olivo (2/3 pax)
Suite Lavanda (2/3 pax)
Bungalow Arancio (2/3 pax)